bigmint logo portfolio

process summary

revision explained

At this stage we now ask you to revise the brief based on the concepts we have presented, and give us feedback on:

  • your favourite design
  • number of colours/background colour
  • font/where you'd like the text
  • etc.

    We also check thay you're happy that the logo is individual enough not to remind you of another registered trademark.

    Your thoughts and feedback then go to the designer for the final stage, and bigmint works up your favourite logo concept according to these suggestions into a final design.

  • examples
    For this example we use world of billiards,
    who chose this concept...

    bigmint revised it based on their feedback.

    The client liked the 'whackyness' of the orginal concept, but asked for us to try the a number 8 on the ball, a different font and in purple, and trying the text within the background box.