how to commission a baby scan artwork

in 5 easy steps a personalised, handpainted bigmint artwork can be yours...

step 1:
contact us to declare an interest,
and discuss ideas.

step 2:
when happy, send us your scan (by secure post, or a high res image via email) plus a 50% deposit.

step 3:
bigmint will send you a digital mock-up of how we expect the final piece to look, and encourage your feedback.

step 4:
when you are again happy,
we will begin to paint the canvas.

we will update the progress on the website, so you can watch it grow!

step 5:
once the painting is complete to your satisfaction, you complete the rest of the payment.

on receipt, the finished piece of art is all yours, signed and ready to hang.

the example above is a different, geometric, style.
we recommend the normal, stippled style,
but if you prefer the style above, please add 50.